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MJ Al Suliman

I’m MJ! A Fitness and Wellness coach with over 10 years of experience working with folks from all kinds of diverse and broad physical backgrounds. Collectively, we will work together to improve your overall health, wellness and day to day quality of living.

For more info about me and how I can help you, keep scrolling down.

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My Story

My ethos is that fitness should always be balanced with a person’s lifestyle to remain sustainable. It should be accessible and enjoyable whilst being tailored to measurable and realistic goals. When I started my career in fitness, I wanted to share my knowledge and workout programs to ensure that regardless of ability, my workouts could be used to support a healthy lifestyle.

The health and fitness industry has become saturated with ‘do’s and don’ts’, however I believe there is an alternative that is not a fad but a long-term transformation that will inevitably lead to a happier & healthier life. In order to do this, I want people to learn the knowledge to maintain their fitness & continue to work towards their goals independently, long after the initial sign up.

Whilst my education is not that of a typical Personal Trainer and Fitness counsellor, (besides the extensive fitness knowledge and personal training jobs that I’ve held and attained over the years) I am also a Finance Manager at a bank. I know how deeply stressful and busy our days can be, but finding ways to prioritize health and fitness and strategically helping you improve in that space is a speciality niche of mine.

I have always been passionate about sport & fitness and have competed at professional/national levels of kickboxing and martial arts that has been instrumental in teaching me what it really takes to push yourself both mentally and physically. My experience coupled with my education and extensive physical background has enabled me to be both open and understanding of what my clients wants and needs are.


Over the years I have worked with folks from all ages, physical abilities, ethnicities, and demographic backgrounds. So, whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a very busy professional employee/ business owner, there is always a way for you to reclaim your health and get active again.

If you are just starting or are restarting your fitness journey, I would love the opportunity to work with you. Besides fitness and wellness programs, I also offer specialized programs (working with my collective colleagues) so we can meet both your mental and physical health needs.


Connect with me

If you feel I might be a good fit for you and wanted to explore a coaching relationship, let's connect for a free 10-15 minute consultation. 

If you are a business wanting to set up some services, reach me by email or phone to set up a meeting. 


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