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Am I crazy?

NO! People come to therapy for a NUMBER of different reasons. None of them meaning you are crazy - first of all - language! Second of all : therapy is for EVERYONE!

Do you ever find yourself wondering if what you are going through is a "good enough or right" reason to be in therapy? Or maybe you're thinking "I am in therapy... is there something wrong with me"? There is no "right" reason to be in therapy and being in therapy doesn't mean anything about except that you are in therapy.

In fact, I like to believe that any reason is a great reason to be in therapy (Of course, I am biased).Therapeutic needs can be on multiple levels, requiring different approaches at each. For example: maybe you want support finding a solution to a problem - try solution focused therapy... say you want to create a deeper sense of connection to your self and body, try somatic experiencing. Maybe you had a car accident and are wanting to deal with the aftermath symptoms of that, maybe try EMDR. (PSA: these are not official recommendations)

Some reasons to come to therapy: depressive feelings and symptoms, sadness, anxiety, trauma, an accident, relationship issues, mood or personality disorders, abuse, OCD, to talk about a situation you've been in, to develop a greater sense of self... and the list goes on. I hope you can see by now there is a spectrum of perfect reasons that people decide to step into the therapeutic space.

At The Collective we want to make sure you know - no matter the reason, we are glad to support and be with you in the journey to where you want to be.

Want to schedule a free consultation? Book with one of us:) We can't wait to meet you.

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