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Somatic Resolutions: A Body-Centric Approach to New Year Goals

Updated: Jan 18

Counselling Collective - New Year Resolutions

As we gear up for another trip around the sun, it's that time again – Somatic Resolutions for the New Year. Now, before you roll your eyes and dismiss the idea, let's chat about a unique way to approach these goals: the somatic way.

First things first, what does "somatic" even mean? It's just a fancy word for connecting your body and mind. Think of it as a dance where your body grooves to the beat of your aspirations.

Step 1: Feel into Your Desires

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let's get curious. What does your body say when you think about your goals? Do you feel a flutter of excitement or a gentle hum of determination? Your body often knows what your mind hasn't quite put into words.

Step 2: Set Intentions, Not Resolutions

Let's ditch the rigid resolutions and opt for flexible intentions. Imagine your goal as a dance – sometimes slow, sometimes quick. Setting intentions allows for the ebb and flow of life, just like a dance that adapts to the rhythm.

Step 3: Listen to Your Body's Wisdom

Your body is a treasure trove of wisdom. When you're considering your goals, tune in. Does the idea of a goal make your body feel light and energized, or does it create tension? Your body's feedback is your trusted guide in this journey.

Step 4: Celebrate the Small Wins

In the somatic world, every move counts. Celebrate those tiny victories along the way. Whether it's a gentle stretch or a full-on dance move, acknowledging your progress fuels the momentum.

Step 5: Create a Body-Centric Routine

Make your intentions a part of your daily routine. Whether it's a morning stretch, a mindful walk, or a calming breath exercise, integrate your intentions into your body's rhythm.

So, as you ponder your New Year goals, consider the somatic approach. Your body is not just a vessel but a dance partner in this grand journey of self-discovery. Here's to a year filled with mindful moves, body wisdom, and the joy of reaching your somatic goals!

Happy New Year,

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Collective

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