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I am just not that into you....

Ever feel like you don't like you're therapist? You're not alone. Your therapist might just not be right for you. And that is perfectly ok!

There is a lot that happens between client and therapist behind the scenes, or as I like it call it "in the space". There could be a thousand reasons you don't like your therapist...they're always late, they don't remember details that you wan't them to, they aren't giving you what you want or they remind you of your mom! Regardless, not liking your therapist is a signal of something and you should take it seriously.

So many clients stay with therapists for much longer than they should. This could also be for a number of reasons but...allow me to say: you have permission not to like your therapist (even if it is me) and you have permission to leave the relationship. You also have the permission and are welcome to bring up any issue you have with the therapist or the process. Again: the therapeutic process is yours.

What to do when you don't like your therapist:

1:I always recommend talking to them about it (specify the "IT" if you can before bringing it up - for example: maybe you don't like the modality and want to try another one. If you can't figure it out then work with your therapist to figure it out - maybe there is some transference in the space)

2:If you are both willing, re-contract your working agreement and give your work together another fair try and discuss if something is getting in the way of that.

3: Find a new therapist if you are not feeling things are changing and are still not feeling good about the process.

There are so many things that effect whether or not you feel the therapist is a right match for you including: their way of working and preferred psychotherapeutic modality (ie: CBT, EMDR... etc) their personality, their voice, their look, their values, their personal life experiences and history, their training, their education and so much more. Be kind to yourself and your therapist in the process and know that it is okay if you feel your therapist isn't right for you.

If you want to find out if one of us at The Collective might be right for you, book a free consultation with us now:

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