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Therapist Shopping

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Therapist shopping. I am not sure if you've heard of this before but as a therapist and client myself, therapist shopping can be just as difficult as finding a good fitting pair of jeans. There is nothing worse than trying on a pair of jeans, taking it home, and trying it again a few times only to feel like it's not the right pair for you. Then, you have to return them, go back to the drawing board and try another pair or store and the cycle goes on leaving you feeling defeated. This same cycle can happens in finding the right therapist! And just like all else - NOT all therapists will work for you! How do you find the right fit?

Sad to say there is no formula. If there were... I'd give it to you! What I can say is that is that it is not only only about level of experience, trainings, education or years in practice. And it is not only about the connection you feel. It is a delicate mix of both. You're probably now thinking... Sam how am I supposed to know?

Therapist Shopping!

Let me explain: Many therapists offer free 10-15 minute consultations, and I suggest booking 2-3 with some therapists after looking at their online profile. It is in these little consultations that you can feel into whether they might be the right person for you. Don't feel bad about taking your time to determine what might be right for you. Therapist shopping has the potential to save you time, money and emotional resources. Though there is no way to know... therapist shopping can certainly help you feel more sure.

So: Book those consults! Ask your questions! Feel into whether or not that person could be the right fit to be on this journey with you. Feel free to consult my blog post on: Questions to ask in a consultation to help you approach these consults with more organization!

As always, be well.

The Collective Team

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